Things Beginners Should Know about Straight Razors

For male, shaving their mustache and beard may be a risky task to do. They have to deal with the right tools and gadgets than can be even dangerous. For those who are not accustomed will find difficult every time they shave. For beginners, it should be better if they use straight razors. Straight razor is a razor that comes with a blade folds into its handle. People usually know it as open razors and cut-throat razors. Beside straight razor, there is another type of razor that is electric razor.

There are many types of straight razor that the public might have not known before like the hollow grind which the sides have concave cross sections, straight or flat grind that possess linear cross section looks like, round and French point.

Right after you decide which razor that comforts you the most when you are shaving, let’s come to know how to use a straight razor safely. The most important rule in this case is keeping the blade sharp. Though you are not good at shaving, at least it will ease you when you have a sharp blade and give you good result. Also, you cannot use a dull blade because it has less safety than the sharp one. Choose a high quality of razor because you cannot end up with the snaps that suddenly open while you are shaving.

Use your favorite shaving cream or soap handy before shaving. You cannot shave on a dry face because it will not comfortable for you and sometimes make your face skin irritated. Don’t forget to look at the mirror while you are shaving to avoid the possibilities you get an accident.

All in all, if you are a newbie in using straight razors, you can see the video tutorial that is provided on YouTube so you will be more confident in shaving.