Summer Loving: Our Guide to the Perfect Tan

Here it comes… All of summer’s glorious sunshine. It’s time to bronze-up for your moment in the sun. Our in-house expert, Alex shares her secrets on how to achieve a perfect, natural-looking, sun-kissed glow, just in time for summer.

  1. Prepare to bare.

One week before:

Use a exfoliating body mitt or brush on dry skin in sweeping strokes towards the heart to increase blood circulation, remove dead skin and even the look of skin’s tone and form.

One day before:

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! It’s an absolute must-do to create a smooth canvas, as the tan won’t sit well on dry, dead skin cells. Use an all over body exfoliant like Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Body Intensive Exfoliating Treatment.

Moisturise dry trouble spots such as hands, elbows and knees to avoid tan patches in those areas.

  1. Choose the right tan for you.

Tanning wipes: these are perfect for on-the-go. They’re fast drying and fool-proof.

Kate Somerville 360 Self Tan Body Towelettes

Tinted tanning Mousse: This is your DIY salon-tan, with a light-weight formula that’s tinted so you can see exactly where you’ve applied for a professional finish.

Mecca Cosmetica Sun Idol

Gradual tan: Perfect for subtly building your desired colour.

This Works Perfect Legs Gradual Tan

  1. Application techniques.

For the body:

For a tanning cream or gel apply with your hands. Be sure to rub the tanning treatment completely into the skin and apply evenly. If you put two pumps on product on one leg, use the same on the other to ensure consistent colour across your whole body. And wash your hands thoroughly (I then carefully tan that backs of my hands after washing)

For instant & tinted mousse formulas, use a tanning mitt (your hands will thank you!)  Plus the product glides-on evenly and effortlessly for a professional finish, it dries quicker and it won’t stick to your skin.

STEP 1: Apply a thin layer of your tanning treatment, apply a second layer if you want the colour to be stronger, allow to dry before clothing. Leave on for eight hours, before washing off.

STEP 2: The following day, moisturise thoroughly after bathing.

STEP 3: For a tan top-up use an instant tint such as Mecca Cometica Body Wonder, this is perfect before going an event as it illuminates and evens skin tone.

For the face:

STEP 1: You can apply less tanning treatment to the face as it is easy to build color with makeup.

STEP 2: Go with a gradual tanner or tan enhancing serum, such as By Terry Serum Terrbly Sunbooster or Hourglass Solar Tan Primer  to create a truly customised and subtle glow each day.

STEP 3: Use your bronzer like an accessory. Contouring creates definition in the face, start at the top of the temple and sweep down across the cheeks and along the jaw line (imagine drawing the number 3) and don’t forget to blend.

  1. Enhance your tan.

After applying tanning treatments it’s important to look after your tan. Moisturise daily (or twice daily) and avoid long hot showers, as this will cause your tan to fade faster.

I use a moisturiser specifically designed to pro-long your tan. I love the new Kate Somerville

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