Natural Skin Care

I was born with eczema. I’ve literally had it since birth. Covering my body from head to toe, it is a curse that I have had to deal with throughout my life. When under control, I moisturize regularly, avoid heavily scented products and eating dairy (which is a personal trigger for a flare up but not a universal trigger for eczema.) At worst, I have weeping open sores, cry at the thought of standing in the shower because of the stinging, can barely open my swollen eyes and I’m embarrassed to go out the house not wearing makeup on my itchy, red face and have people ask me what happened to my hands, and how did I burn them.

People CONSTANTLY come up to me and give me ‘advice’ which annoys the flaming HECK out of me as I have done all the research I could possibly do. I’ve seen specialists, countless doctors, taken steroids in pill form, tried light therapies, stopped eating certain food groups and tried every single product which should supposedly help from Boots.

But when Mama Nature, a natural, vegan, organic skin care company asked me if they could send me some samples, I said yes. Using natural products over my side-effect inducing steroids are always a blessing. I’m still willing to explore new things, especially when they have good reviews and I loved the company’s website. All packaging was 100% recyclable and everyone knows I’m advocate for being kind to the world, against animal testing and all for using natural ingredients.

Natural Organic Beauty Products, Demystified

These days we are surrounded by a growing beauty product trend cosmetic, hair, and skin goods labeled green, organic, and natural (it sounds like the description of the spinach salad I had for lunch). From deodorant to shampoo to lipstick, you wont be hard-pressed to find a natural, green, or organic version. Since Im flirting with the idea of going totally green and organic when it comes to my food and recyclables, I decided to get to the bottom of the green beauty buzz and break it down, laymans style.

To name a few of many, companies like Weleda, Jane Iredale, and Physicians Formula all offer natural or organic beauty products. Whats more, natural and organic beauty sales have skyrocketed in the past few years and, per research company Kline & Co., are expected to hit $6.7 billion by 2015. But before you ditch your current products for natural, green, or organic versions, heres a quick and simple explanation for these potentially confusing buzzwords.

First, lets define what green, natural, and organic mean when it comes to our beauty products:

Natural, according to the Oxford dictionary, literally means caused by nature not artificial. So what does that mean when it comes to your natural hair and skin products? Some or all of the ingredients come from nature (think minerals, fruits, sugars, and vitamins).