Natural Looking Make-up

Natural looking make-up

Step 1:

Apply a light creme eyeshadow that is quite fair in comparison to your skin tone to your eyelids with your finger.

This will act as a primer or you could simply choose to prime your eyelids, however you feel works best for you. If you have any problem areas that you wish to cover, dab on a minimal amount of concealer onto the areas and thoroughly blend with your finger so that it appears flawless.

Step 2:

Next apply a mineral based eyeshadow that is quite similar to your skin tone, onto your eyelids with a shader brush. Make sure to pat the shadow gently onto the section of the eyelid just above the lash line to give it a bit of a pop.

Step 3:

Dab a contour brush into a pink, white or beige toned eyeshadow to apply to the crease of your eyelids, depending on your skin tone and then apply the original creme eyeshadow across your eyebrow bone with your finger to brighten your eyes.

How to Make Up Natural Skin Color Under

For every woman’s make-up is a natural necessity, due to the makeup of a woman will always look beautiful. In addition to the added confidence, make-up can change a person’s appearance, from the ordinary into the extraordinary. How to apply make-up also consists of a number of ways such as how to wear natural makeup, minimalist, glamorous, gotic and so on.

How to use and apply make is easy. It all depends on the situation and circumstances in which friends would wear. If friends would plan to go to the mall to hang out with my friends, or just a walk, a friend can try to wear natural makeup. Besides looking simple face will become more fresh and naturally beautiful look. Want to know how to put on make up natural? Please continue to follow the following article which will provide information about natural make up according to skin color:

Before you wear make-up should first clean the skin, then wear a light moisturizer and matches your skin type companions.